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Dec 21, 2012 7:00am PST
. it is not the outcome that i wanted. that was the will of the house. unless the president and congress take action, tax rates will go up on every american taxpayer and devastating defense cuts will go into effect in ten days. the house has already passed bills addressing the fiscal cliff. passed a bill and replacing the president's sequester with responsible spending cuts and did it last may. we passed a bill to stop all the tax hikes on the american people scheduled to take effect january the 1st and we did that on august 1st. and we propose plans over and over again, the democrats used to support and now they won't. i don't want taxes to go up. republicans don't want taxes to go up. we only run the house. democrats continue to run washington. what the president has proposed so far simply won't do anything to solve our spending problem. he wants more spending and more tax hikes that will hurt our economy and he simply won't deal honestly with entitlement reform and the big issues facing our country. we need significant spending cuts and real tax reform to address our long-term debt problem and pave th
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am PST
as possible, moving down that path, is the right course of action for us. >> good morning, first i'd like to say that i think all of our hearts and prayers are with the families in newtown, connecticut. as a father, i cannot even imagine the utter horror that those families are going through right now, grieving the loss of their children and their loved ones. as far as the fiscal cliff is concerned, as the speaker has said, we remain committed to trying to minimize the impact on hard-working families and small businesses. in this country, as far as tax increases are concerned. we look to find the answer to solve the problem on the spending issue, here in washington. the president is not yet there. he has not come to where he needs to be, in order for us to push through a bill that really does begin to address the problem. and as a speaker said, that's why we are now discussing an alternative plan, if the president and the white house, cannot come our way. thank you. >> and owe eric cantor and speaker boehner talking about what we had mentioned at the top. hour that they are having a plan
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
of this fire. there's the debt ceiling action too. take a listen to this, if you can, perry. >> it is somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else i'm going to shoot my child if -- you don't want to shoot your child. there's no republican leaders that wants to default on our debt that i talked to. so i think that all to be a nonpartisan. >> maybe not the most eloquent strategy, but in these times we watch the rhetoric. >> is this setting up another fight? >> i'm sure steny hoyer would want to phrase that differently in the future. there's not enough time yet, so i think we are coming back to the debt ceiling debate again, probably in a month or so. that would be unfortunate in a lot of ways. >> c'mon, perry, you don't think they can solve it? i'm joking. thank you both. >>> general norman schwarzkopf died thursday in tampa from complications from pneumonia. in 1991, known as stormin' norman oversaw "operation desert storm" the first persian gulf war that forced iraq out kuwait. he was 78 years old. how-to knowledge to give us an edge, and more savings down every aisle. i
Dec 19, 2012 7:00am PST
to lead the action after what happened in newtown. realistally what would you like to see happen in a legislative sense? >> i want to see at minimal a regulation on assault clips, people don't need more than ten rounds in a gun. i want to see an extension of the assault weapons ban. i want to see a closure of the gun show loophole. and, you know, we keep on seeing horrors like we saw in newtown as teachable moments and then forget the lessons until the next horror. enough is enough. >> congressman steve israel, thank you so much for being on the program. >>> the white house, susan, lynn, not expected to announce any specific measures today. peter baker, in "the new york times" asked how much political capital the president is going to expend on guns. here is what he said, quote, should he invest his energy and the stature he won with his re-election last month in a fight he may believe in, but is not sure he can actually win. susan, how good are his chances of winning given the national mood? >> we definitely have seen a response across the country in which mayors and -- with a l
Dec 5, 2012 7:00am PST
society at the same time. as our nation debates the proper course of action relating to immigration, i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. >> this is part of a larger story. some republicans looking to overhaul immigration after getting pummeled in the presidential election including a new gop superpack that hopes to give conservative donors a better return on their millions. joining me congressman luis gutierrez, democrat from illinois and member of the congressional hispanic caucus. always good to see you. >> thanks, chris, good morning. >> president obama won 71% of the latino vote we heard romney campaign manager saying he regretted running hard to the right in the primary. the opposing view is the gop's latino problem isn't based on immigration issues. there's a pew exit poll of hispanic voters taken in november found immigration isn't in the top four issues. is too much made a political issue how important it is to the political community? >> number one, if you ask latinos what is the most important thing, my job, the economy, e
Dec 7, 2012 7:00am PST
will support. we do not want to see action on this or be pressed on this. don't come back to us with a proposal on this. that's the way that we can influence the ultimate shape of the deal. i'm not disturbed by the fact that now we have the president and the speaker sitting down or talking on the phone with each other. >> do you think it's a good thing? >> i think it's probably the only way that we can progress. they do have to have closed communication with all of the leadership because ultimately it's more than those two men who are going to have to sell this to the democratic and republican members of the house and senate. but i'm not troubled by the negotiating strategy and i think we are seeing progress. i think we have moved -- >> let me ask you what is going on with the other democrats. we sit down a couple times each week, we talk to them about what we're comfortable with. obviously the mantra of the democratic party has been, you have to let these tax cuts on the wealthy expire. but beyond that, are there points of contention where the democrats are quite united on what must or must no
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am PST
to get these guys to take some action? unfortunately given the past record, that can't be ruled out. >> yeah. when it comes to cuts, especially on medicare, that whole conversation has to be had. here's what dick durbin said on "meet the press." >> i do believe there should be means testing. those of us with higher income and retirement should pay more. that could be part of the solution. but when you talk about raising the medicare eligibility age there's one key question. what happens to that early retiree. ? what about that gap in coverage between their workplace and medicare? >> jackie, are democrats getting away with giving way less on this deal? >> i don't think we know yet. i think there's going to be -- there's going to be a lot of arguments within the democratic party about some of the entitlement reforps. i don't think we've seen that yet because we've been so wrapped up in the tax cut part of it. yeah. we haven't gotten there yet. it's no doubt that's going to be a matter of contention in the democratic party as we go forward. >> and in the meantime we've got the presiden
Dec 17, 2012 7:00am PST
toward action and that also around this tragedy is at an unprecedented level and that combined with this conversation that's already happening, where you have people from across the country, across the political spectrum, gun owners, people who belong to the nra, all saying as a nation as the president said last night in his speech, we can do better than this. we are better than this. that really is the key. it's not an inside politics thing. it's making the voice of the overwhelming majority of americans who are out there who have now reached a tipping point because of this tragedy, heard. >> there is a tragic number that i just read this morning, reports that one of the little boys who is going to be buried today was shot 11 times. we do know from police that adam lanza was on two hand guns, a semi-automatic weapon and incredible number, hundreds of bullets. at the same time, those were legally registered weapons and what do you say to people who argue strict laws are not going to stop someone who is mentally ill and determined to commit a crime like this? >> it's not true on
Dec 20, 2012 7:00am PST
? >> i don't know the latest on that. i do know the action is in the house and i'm seeing whether boehner will get the votes on this. he is trying to send this to the members and conservativists that are outside this bill which they say already goes too far and also send a message to the democrats in the white house who say the bill doesn't go far enough. look how hard this is for me. this is the best i can do. >> chris van holland, ranking committee. always good to see you, good morning. >> good to see you this. speaker boehner's plan b is the latest example of the gop walking out of negotiations. so what will happen today when plan b comes up for a vote. >> that's exactly right, chris. what you see is speaker boehner has decided to leave the talks, leave negotiations with the president and try to pass this plan b which is going nowhere. the president has already said he would veto the legislation. it's another attempt to try to shield very high income earners from the fiscal cliff at the expense of the rest of the country. what's happening here is that speaker boehner cannot sell a reas
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am PST
not necessarily require immediate action and could eventually mean furloughs down the road and looking at january and the cuts divided by ten years and 12 months, talking 50 billion, 60 billion in january. >> right. it's 110 billion for the year of 2013 in automatic spending cuts divided equally between defense and nondefense. on the nonentitlement or discretionary side of budget. if you look at that month by month and the point of panetta and many of the agencies can sort of fudge things for a few months, in most cases i don't think we'll see much impact of automatic spending cuts quickly. by the way, this has been somewhat underappreciated. in this small bore compromise that the president and many of the earlier interviewers talking about today. the one the president is pushing for, the sequester is pushed down the road. suspended. the automatic pay cuts as part of that deal suspended, something they would get back to and try to deal with later so if the president does get the compromise through, the senate and the house, then the spending cuts put on hold. >> and anger some voters, why kicking
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
on this issue for gun control. they also started interestingly enough a political action committee where they're going to raise funds to support candidates who are on their political wavelengths. he says he will not run. he has not counted out a railings all together. >> we go back to the democratic convention. this is an individual that really did shine. we're talking about san antonio mayor julian castro here. >> absolutely. he is somebody who hit the stage, was the first latino to have a primetime spot at the convention. since then he's focused on san antonio, his role as mayor, but interestingly enough has a 2014 memoir coming out. we know how that has played out for politicians liking to vault themselves onto the national stage. >>> paul ryan, what do we expect from him in 2013? >> obviously not where he would want to be, back in the house of representatives, not in the west wing helping to lead the country, but he's not going to fall back into the shadows. he's already continued to prove himself on the fiscal cliff as a key negotiator as somebody who john boehner is talking to -- >> ash
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am PST
if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. yeah we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. and i relieve nasal congestion. overachiever. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. >>> to politics now where crowds of people in washington state were lighting up to celebrate. the occasion -- marijuana is legal there now. washington and colorado became the first states to decriminalize pot, but the feds are issuing stern warnings. the u.s. attorney for seattle insists they will prosecute people caught smoking or in possession of pot on fed property, buildings or parks. >> some members of congress are packing their bags to head home because they thought the house was in recess but majority leader eric cantor extended the schedule yesterday. now congress will come back to work next week hopefully to get a fiscal cliff deal. >> maybe the movie "lincoln" will inspire senators to work together. a special screening is scheduled
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
, the republican party writ large, is looking in many after-action reviews on where do we go. safe to say we're already seeing with state parties, i'm a member of the state party in the district of columbia. our platform actually endorses same sex marriage. so you're going to see this in different states but it's going to take a lot of work. it won't happen in a few months. this is part of a broader growth project not only with log cabin republicans but many other ancillary groups within the republican party and the guidance that i would provide, and this is not only myself, this is party leadership, is get involved. run for seats for precinct seats, get involved in your republican executive committee, get involved in the state party. that is how things are going to change. getting more delegates who are supportive of equality measures or the freedom to marry, that is how things will change. >> i'm wondering, there's no doubt that things are changing and you have republicans who have come out in support of gay marriage, although again, as we should say, the platform was quite the opposite af
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
. or tiger woods who calls himself caucasian. >> criticism of affirmative action and the concept is as old as it is itself, what sort of the happy middle ground? we talk about it in all or nothing coninstructs. so what's down the middle that might work here? >> the problem that we have here, sadly, still african-american and latino children are still in the low-est performing schools as it relates to conversation around education. until such time that race is no longer an issue or even an incidence where there isn't a higher incidence of african-american or latinos in the lowest-performing schooling in what it is to be black and of color. >> steve perry, host of "save my son. ". today's tweet is about one of the concerts to benefit victims of sander last night. >> she writes up till 4:00 a.m. watching 121212 concert. so inspiring. i wasn't able to go to the wedding. [ emily jo ] since darrell couldn't get home, we decided to bring home to him and then just gave him a little bit of help finding his way. ♪ [ laughs ] [ applause ] i love you. i love you. [ male announcer ] get together at t
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)